One Happy Family. I’ve written a lot about it over the months. I spent five months there, and left for “three weeks” to have a change of scenery and to do something a bit more physical, some dirty work. I left with a smile saying “see you soon!” The happiest place on earth, my home, I’d be back in just a moment. None of what has happened in the last few weeks ever crossed my mind. It never, ever crossed my mind that OHF might not be there.

But yesterday, OHF was found in flames. The School of Peace, the most colourful and happiest of places – every afternoon, you could hear dozens of kids chanting and laughing – was already gone by the time the fire brigade got there. The school – of peace – reduced to nothing. As for the rest, we wait and see.

Once you become part of OHF, whether you stay for 3 weeks or a year, and regardless of where you then go – you never really leave. OHF steals a little piece of your heart and keeps it there with those of all who came before you. OHF is a place of solidarity, a place of love and laughter, a place of dancing, of sharing. This attack on a building was an attack on the whole concept of this. But while my already broken heart breaks further, I remind myself and those hurting around me, that it was just a building. No one was hurt. And the idea and the love and the laughter, that all came from within us – the hundreds of people who put their heart and soul into it every day. And they can beat us and they can scare us and they can burn our buildings and our cars but they will never take that.

Yesterday, I was full of hate for them – I fell asleep angry – but today, as I wake up with a bang as my whole body remembers yesterday’s events, I feel sorry for them. I feel sorry that they don’t have enough love in their lives, that they have to spread hate and destruction.

OHF represents a love like no other – it’s a love of every single person no matter who you are, what you are, where you’ve come from or where you’re going – and this love will win.

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